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Councillors say plans for one of the UK’s biggest theme parks must involve Thurrock residents

Residents have been kept in the dark over plans to build a major new theme park in Kent that could have major implications for transport in Thurrock, councillors have claimed.

The London Resort will be a major new theme park comprised of a water park, event spaces, rides, entertainment venues, cinemas and four hotels.

Visitors will be able to reach it via a “park and glide” facility which will be built inTilbury allowing them to take boats to the resort across the Thames.

But residents living in Thurrock have had little involvement in the public consultations that have taken place.

A group of councillors who represent Tilbury and Grays have written to London Resort and told them they are “incredibly concerned at the complete lack of consultation with Grays and Tilbury residents” as they will be “directly affected”.

The letter signed by Labour councillors Tony fish, Martin Kerin, Jane Pothecary, Bukky Okunade and Steve Liddiard continued: “We are concerned that our residents have very much been an afterthought in all this. Indeed, our residents will be more gravely affected by the day to day operation of the park than many of those consulted on numerous occasions across Kent.

“Because of the lack of robust consultation, Grays and Tilbury residents are largely unaware of the scale and proximity of the proposed development to their homes. There is a huge lack of awareness that a consultation is happening about whether to site a transport corridor for a nationally significant infrastructure project through our borough.”

The councillors are calling for hard copies of all consultation documents to be sent to residents in Grays Riverside, Tilbury Riverside and Tilbury St Chads and for the September 21 deadline on the consultation to be pushed back so Thurrock residents get enough time to scrutinise the plans.

Andy Martin, director of communications and strategy at London Resort Company Holdings, said the consultation end date had already been pushed back to September 21 and the company takes its obligations to the area “very seriously”.

He said: “Residents have been mailshot and have attended our online seminars. We encourage everyone to visit our website and sign-up.”

The London Resort has been in the works since 2012 and the goal is for it to finish construction by 2029. Documents applying for planning permission are expected to be submitted by the end of the year.


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