Monday, December 4, 2023

Thurrock Neighbourhood Watch host vehicle crime prevention event in Aveley

THURROCK Neighbourhood watch successfully completed awareness event on “Vehicle Crime prevention” at Aveley New Estate last Saturday.

Essex Liaison officer Kevin Blake, Police Community Support Officer Jo Jo Mitchell, PC Costelloe from Essex Police, Thurrock Neighbourhood Watch local members Akin, Bala Essen, Karunakaran, Tony, Ward Co-ordinator Srikanth Panjala discussed with Essex Police and the liaison officer about local issues and what they are regularly facing. 

One of the members raised the question about double yellow line parking vehicles making trouble usually. They requested Essex Police patrol the residential areas.

PCSO Jo Jo Mitchell responded to members’ questions on parking ticket master patrolling will comes under highways of England not under Essex police. Residents need to raise the complaints with highways of England, and they will take the necessary action.  

Before the meeting, Neighbourhood Watch Chairman Roger Passfield came along with Senior Co-ordinator Ken Collins around 9:30 am and Ward Co-ordinator Srikanth Panjala joined with them to set up the tent and arranged a stall with full of neighbourhood watch materials along with vehicle crime prevention tips for the visitor purposes.

At 11 am, the meeting was started by Aveley & Uplands Ward Co-ordinator Srikanth Panjala by explaining about how the residents are involving & working together voluntarily to keep the communities safe & happy by preventing the crime time to time.

  • Before 2018, we had several burglaries in new estates of Aveley and given an example of his own experience. CCTV’s and Security Alarms will not alone help us until we get involved together for community safety. Through Thurrock Neighbourhood watch, we are doing several campaigning’s time to time to keep engaging the residents and members for the healthy communities.
  • Thurrock Neighbourhood watch scheme is not a one-day service; our family’s needs safe and happier life permanently. We must do our part together by involving, which will lead to minimizing the crime rate in the community, and families can stay safe and happy forever.We are very much delighted by reducing house burglaries with the support of our members & Thurrock Chairman Roger Passfield delivering the useful material regularly for the Aveley & Uplands ward purposes.
  • Neighbourhood watch members are monitoring when they are available around the clock and staying vigilant time to time with the support of weekly crime updates through Essex Liaison officer. Suppose we see the Essex Liaison officer weekly crime report. In that case, there are many cases we have observed from our ward relating to Vehicle theft or ‘stolen from vehicle’ crime cases only compared to house burglaries. The main reason why we had a campaign today is to bring down vehicle crime through awareness of Vehicle crime prevention with the help of local members and Essex police.

Aveley & Uplands Ward Co-Ordinator on behalf of Thurrock Neighbourhood watch, Srikanth Panjalarequested to Jo Jo Mitchel Essex police community support officer and Essex Police if we having odd hour’s night patrolling along with stop and search from Essex Police will help us to prevent vehicle crime in our ward. The criminal will run away when they see police patrolling in the area and will change their mind without committing any wrong steps. 

Essex Liaison Officer Kevin Blake advised neighbourhood watch members about vehicle theft or loss, and the owner must take their responsibility as well when they were leaving the vehicle they must recheck all the windows and doors properly locked or not. We have circulated Essex police Vehicle Crime Prevention Portfolio Top tips on Theft of vehicle which can help to minimize the vehicle crime whoever follow without fail. He appreciated neighbourhood watch members and Srikanth Panjala’s dedication and continuous of excellent service for the safer community through campaigns outstanding. From Essex liaison office, we will always be happy to help the communities whenever they needed.  

Thurrock Neighbourhood watch Chairman Roger Passfield spoke with members about their requirement and will be going to have another campaign at Lakeside and waiting for permission from security manager. 

Later on, Aveley Football Club Chief Executive and Vice Chairman Isthmian Football League Craig Johnson and Aveley & Kennington’s Community Forum Chair, Friends of Aveley co run Teresa Webster and Aveley & Kennington’s Forum Secretary Michelle joined and discussed with the group. Photographs took by group members with social distancing.

The campaign continued till 12:30 pm, and new members joined in the group through this campaign.

If you would like to get involved in Thurrock NW contact Thurrock NW Chair Roger Passfield on 07538195221 or Thurrock NW Coordinator Srikanth Panjala from Aveley & Uplands ward on 07878044041. 


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