Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Traffic measures to make Ockendon Academy pupils safer

A NEW crossing point, traffic calming measures, new yellow lines and off-road parking bays will be installed outside the Harris Ockendon Academy to help make the route safer for pupils going to and from school.

The announcement follows a recent incident in which a child was injured after being involved in a collision with a car as they crossed Erriff Drive, Ockendon, on their bike.

Cllr Andrew Jefferies, Cabinet Member for Education and local ward councillor, said: “It is dreadful to hear about an incident like this, thankfully it seems the child involved only suffered minor injuries.

“Work is soon set to start in making this road safer for pupils with a new crossing point, parking bays and traffic calming measures but in light of this most recent incident, I have asked for the proposed scheme to be reviewed again to see if we can go even further to improve safety for the pupils attending this school.

“In the meantime I would urge parents to be careful when they are dropping their children off at school and park responsibly to keep all pupils safe.

“It is also vital that all drivers slow down when they are driving near schools, especially during the morning and afternoon rush.”


  1. Logan aka Ironman is nearly back on form. He is pleased that something is now being done to improve safety . Ironman is looking forward to going back to Harris to personally thank everyone who ensured kogans safety. In his very own words he Stated that and I quote❤️❤️ Mummy Adrian I am happy to be alive I just hope this doesn’t happen to any other child .. follow Ed a sing song of
    Lyrics from a song and it goes like this
    Ain’t nothing gonna hold me down I’ve got to keep on moving
    Once again thank you for everyone’s cooperation it means the world to Logan to know there are people out there that do care
    Ironmans mum x


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