Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Grays man jailed for second time after victim dies years after brutal attack

A MAN, jailed five years ago for leaving a man brain damaged after beating him over a cigarette, has been found guilty of murder and jailed for life after his victim died from complications related to the attack.

Jake Tierney-Campbell, now 25, was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm and jailed for 14-years in 2015 for the horrific assault on Daniel Bodimeade.

Mr Bodimeade had been standing outside his home address in Brooke Road, #Grays on 14 June 2015 when he was approached by a then drunken 20-year-old Tierney-Campbell who asked him for a cigarette.Without warning, in a horrific and unprovoked attack, Tierney-Campbell began kicking and punching Mr Bodimeade multiple times.

When Mr Bodimeade eventually slumped against the wall, Tierney-Campbell continued his attack with such ferocity that Mr Bodimeade’s head was seen by witnesses to repeatedly bounce off the wall.

Mr Bodimeade was rushed to hospital where he was found to have suffered a devastating brain haemorrhage.

In the years after the attack Mr Bodimeade required 24-hour care in a specialist hospital and remained in a permanent vegetative state.

He had to be fed through a tube and required up to three carers a day to manage his specialist needs.

Sadly, on February 23 2019, Mr Bodimeade, who was 43 at the time, died. A post-mortem examination found he died of a rare inflammation caused by his feeding tube that he relied upon to survive due to the brain injuries caused by the attack.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard detectives charged Tierney-Campbell with murder in December 2019.

Following a two-week trial Tierney-Campbell was found guilty by a jury today, Friday 2 October. Following the verdict Tierney-Campbell was sentenced immediately to serve life with a minimum term of 15 years in jail.


  1. What about his accomplice??

    Didn’t she Wash his clothes and lie to the police?
    Wouldn’t Joint enterprise apply to her?

  2. It ought to have been 25 with no parole,this kind of thing is happening on a
    Regular basis,if anyone dies from an assault it’s murder,no excuses like drink or drugs these people are thugs and need to be treated as such.!! if it’s self defence, which most of these arnt it should be manslaughter. !!!!!!!


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