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Mr. Perrin”s blog: Where have all the Councillors gone?

Mr. Perrin”s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”.

Where have all the Councillors gone?

SOME councillors who, despite the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, have continued to make themselves available to their constituents and have diligently carried out their Council responsibilities.  Those Councillors should be commended.

However, some Councillors appear to have taken advantage of the pandemic and use it as an excuse to do little  or nothing with regard to their responsibilities as elected Councillors and have “isolated” themselves, not to protect themselves from Covid-19  but to protect themselves from their constituents .  They continue to draw their allowances and “expenses”, some to the amount of £16,000 to £17.000 per year. 

Maybe they should all be on zero-hour contracts.

We are busy doing nothing

Working the whole day through

Trying to find lots of things not to do

We are busy going nowhere

Isn’t it just sublime

We’d like to be doing something, but

We do not have the time.

It should be noted there are five Conservative Councillors  who have never stood for election as Conservative candidates, four were originally elected as UKIP/Thurrock Independents. 1 Labour. 

The defectors are    Abbie Akinbohun (Lab)

                                  Jack Duffin (UKIP/Thurrock Ind)

                                  Angela Lawrence (UKIP/Thurrock Ind)

                                  Allen Mayes (Thurrock Ind)

                                  Luke Spillman UKIP/Thurrock Ind)

As a result of their defection the Conservative Group have an overall majority of 7 and currently run the Council.   These five “sham” Councillors have spent most of their time vilifying the Conservatives, denouncing them as “unfit” to govern both Nationally and Locally. 

Indeed Cllrs  Duffin and Spillman, as UKIP/Thurrock Independent Councillors , spent years condemning them and frequently made vitriolic comments about them.  Both of them had announced they would not be seeking re-election in the May 2020 Local Government election, then along came Covid-19 and they were given a “free ride” as Councillors for a further year .Then they were joined by another “free rider”, namely Cllr Allen Mayes, who, less than a year after being elected as a Thurrock Independent, also defected to the Conservatives on the promise of a portfolio and Cabinet membership

I do not absolve Cllrs Akinbohun and Lawrence of the guilt of deception, deceiving those who initially  voted for them as Labour/UKIP candidates respectively.  It is the conduct of Duffin, Mayes and Spillman I find particularly loathsome.  These three opportunistic “scallywags” claim they were motivated by altruism and honour, such a claim is an affront to all those who placed their trust in them and voted for them as UKIP/Thurrock Independents candidates.

I do not believe  that altruism and honour was the motivation for the defection of Messrs Duffin, Mayes and Spillman.  On the contrary I am of the opinion they were motivated by greed and a lust for power.   UKIP was no longer a force to be reckoned with and the Thurrock Independents, led by Spillman, were disintegrating.  This unholy trio saw their influence dwindling along with their allowances and expenses and “jumped ship” even trying to persuade other members of the crew to join them.

The Conservative Group saw an opportunity to strengthen their hold on power and welcomed these “defectors” into their ranks. 

A cautionary note, when you introduce rotten apples into your barrel you are at risk of adversely affecting all the other apples.

 Power, egotism and money were the main players in this sordid affair. 


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