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Call for action to keep children safe from vehicles after narrow escape outside school gates in Aveley

A CALL has been made for the installation of a pedestrian crossing outside a borough primary school after an accident was narrowly averted reports Thurrock Nub News.

It is reported that a van came very close to a collision with children crossing the road to attend Aveley Primary School.

The crossing should have been managed by a ‘lollipop lady’ one of two designated by the council to serve the village. However, it is understood both have not been operating for a substantial period because of ill health and ther4e has been no replacement.

Now, in the wake of the incident yesterday (Friday, 13 November) which left children and onlookers shaken, the local community forum says it is time for positive action to improve safety before there is a serious incident.

The chair of Aveley and Kenningtons Community Forum, Teresa Webster, has written to Thurrock Council’s chief exective Lyn Carpnter asking her to intervene to ensure a solution is found quickly.

Mrs Webster wrote: “I understand the lollipop personnel have been on sick leave for some considerable time. As the safety of children is compromised, can I please ask that alternative arrangements are made to provide a safe passage on their route to school in both Ship Lane and outside Aveley Primary School?

“Can I also please ask that Thurrock Council’s parking enforcement team pay particular attention to the area surrounding Aveley Primary School as residents have also reported that vehicles are stopping directly outside the school to drop off children.

“I have spoken with ward Cllr Colin Churchman today regarding this matter and he has advised he has recently raised this with Thurrock Council and he also holds a response from Julie Cooper, Thurrock Council Road Safety Lead, Public Protection and Place but the response does not detail a credible solution.

“Our community is desperate to keep the children in this area safe. Would Thurrock Council please address the lack of lollipop personnel urgently?

“And, having spoken with Cllr Churchman and speaking with the local community, would Thurrock Council consider installing a pedestrian crossing outside the school?”


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