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Referee and Coach Surveys will support new strategy

REFEREES, coaches and managers have an opportunity to play a crucial part in future Essex’s strategic grassroots football projects by completing a short, online survey.

With the Essex County FA entering the last few months of the current 2018-21 ‘Moving Forward’ Strategy, consultations are currently taking place with key stakeholders across the game to help shape a new three-year strategy. This survey process, accessible at, will help inform about localised football priorities in Essex.

The short surveys are split into two sections, the first discussing referee/coach development programmes and the second involving an equality audit. The audit will help to better understand how the County FA can tailor services and meet the needs of local communities. Feedback is anonymous and it takes just a few minutes to complete.

Achieving ‘Intermediate Level’ of the Equality Standard is a crucial part of the overall strategy and the data collected in the referee and coach surveys will evidence underrepresented groups not participating in football so an equality action plan can be introduced. The surveys will also help to shape future football inclusion projects.

In July 2015, the County FA successfully achieved the ‘Preliminary Level’ of the Equality Standard for Sport, embracing an Anti-Discrimination Plan and continuing to work to address the key issues and the challenges which exist within the county. To achieve ‘Intermediate Level’, Essex needs to achieve many outcomes, including the completion of an equality profile of stakeholders.

Referee Development Officer, Lukas Wood, explained: “It’s crucial we obtain a snapshot of where we are in the county, so we’d appreciate if match officials could please take a few minutes to complete the survey. The information obtained will be utilised to support us in developing an action plan of work over the next three years.”

Coaching Development Officer, Andrew Crowl, added: “We feel incredibly proud to play a part in the development of coaches across the county, and are passionate about continuing this work moving forward. It’s been great to meet so many dedicated volunteers, who make a significant impact on people’s lives, through the power of sport.”


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