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Students first to pilot virtual reality at South Essex College

HEALTH, science and counselling students at South Essex College will be the first to pilot a new Employability virtual reality programme by BODYSWAPS.

The pilot will begin on the March 01 2021 and will be accessible through the BODYSWAPS VR app, with plans to utilise the VR headsets when it is safe to return to campus. The partnership will allow students to view and challenge their own body language and communication skills as part of their development.

BODYSWAPS is an award-winning immersive soft-skills training solution designed for corporate and educational organisations. The BODYSWAPS learning design will let students safely roleplay realistic workplace scenarios and develop through observation of their own behaviour.

If successful, the shift into virtual reality will innovate the student learning experience, and with the launch of the new Centre for Digital Technologies in Basildon set to take place later in the year, will cement South Essex College as the future of digital technologies.  

Nicki Kelly, Assistant Curriculum Principal, said: “BODYSWAPS is a fantastic opportunity for our students as it allows learners to practice communication skills in a safe setting and provides them with the opportunity to reflect and challenge how they present to others. It takes away the anxiety of that ‘first meeting’ and, especially in the current climate, continues to develop our learners ability to perfect how they are perceived by others without any of the risks. We are very excited to be part of this virtual reality pilot and hope to expand this across to other curriculum areas.”

“In today’s climate, it can be especially daunting for anyone just starting out,” said BODYSWAPS CEO Christophe Mallet. “Employers expect candidates to arrive in the workplace with ready-made soft-skills. But with fewer entry-level roles on the market, there are also less opportunities to build these skills. With BODYSWAPS students get the opportunity to practice and perfect those all-important soft skills in a psychologically safe environment.”

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