Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Thurrock councillors encourage members of BAME community to take vaccine

BOROUGH Councillors join hands together to encourage Black, Asian and

Minority Ethnic people to get Covid-19 vaccination in response to the
report that there has been a low uptake of the Vaccine in BAME

Cllr Bukky Okunade, Cllr Abbie Akinbohun, Cllr Qaisar Abbas and Cllr
Daniel Chukwu met virtually and discussed the vaccine awareness plans
jointly with residents to get the Covid vaccine.

Speaking in the meeting, Cllr Okunade said, “This is a united voice
across Thurrock asking the communities, particularly the people from
BAME communities, to come forward and take the vaccine. I believe
this will help all of us to get rid of coronavirus.”

Cllr Akinbohun said, “I strongly encourage everyone to participate
in taking the vaccination so that we can help each other and move out
of this Covid lockdown into our normal life.”

Cllr Abbas said, “The Covid virus has affected so many within our
communities, and it is our moral and human duty to protect ourselves,
our families and community members. The best protection against the
Covid virus is the vaccine, and I encourage everyone, especially from
BAME communities, to step forward and get this vaccination.”

Cllr Chukwu said, “I have taken the vaccine and feel normal. As a
person from the BAME communities, I know it’s your choice, but I
encourage you to take this vaccination to save lives.”


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