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Stanford and Corringham Conservatives campaign for link road between Stanhope Industrial Park and The Manorway

SS17 Conservatives Launch Campaign For A Link Road Between Stanhope Industrial Park & The Manorway

FOLLOWING a successful bid, which was backed by Thurrock Council, the government has confirmed the creation of a Thames Freeport, which will deliver thousands of new jobs and see unprecedented investment in infrastructure into the Thurrock area.

SS17 Conservatives will seize on this opportunity to campaign for a link road between the Manorway and the Stanhope Industrial Estate in Wharf Road, which could take industrial traffic away from Wharf Road and Corringham Road, and reduce the incentives for drivers to use London Road.

Cllr Terry Piccolo said: “These three roads have long suffered; being the roads in-and-out of a well-used and expanding industrial park which receives and sends out large and abnormally sized vehicles through a quiet, much-loved, residential area. 

“Wharf Road is also a road which has seen the underpass flood and trap residents and business employees, behind high-level waters on the roadway on occasion.

“Residents worry about loved ones being knocked over; damage to their homes and vehicles – now the area has Freeport status, we are campaigning hard to secure some of the infrastructure benefits to separate a busy business park from residents, which could also have the impact of better connecting an emerging industrial area to the port-side infrastructure”.

Before the Freeport bidding process closed, Stanford West Conservative Councillors Terry Piccolo and Shane Hebb, proposed the concept to Thurrock Council, who were already working with the bid team on what would become a successful Freeport bid being won.

Cllr Shane Hebb added: “Achieving Freeport status leads to a unique opportunity to shout from the rooftops, to highlight the concerns experienced by local residents in terms of pedestrian safety and vehicle accidents, and to campaign for a new link road which will take heavy vehicles away from pleasant roads, but through a fit-for-purpose link road in-and-out of Stanhope.

“Both Terry and I stress – this is an idea, and we can promise nothing other than to try our hardest. We have put forward our case, and this is being explored. We are hopeful that businesses down Stanhope also take a favourable view on such an approach and lend their public support to this idea”.


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