Sunday, October 1, 2023

Athletics: Horndon 10k cancelled

THE Horndon Feast and Fayre Organising Committee reviewed the Government roadmap for a phased return to ‘normal’ from Covid restrictions, together with the warnings from their scientific advisers that any flare up of infections, or failure to meet any of the milestones, would delay these target dates.

The earliest possible date for allowing mass gatherings is only five days before the Feast and Fayre weekend and therefore any delay would force cancellation. They decided the risk of this was too high to continue with plans for a Feast and Fayre in 2021 and the next event will be in 2022.

The Horndon 10k Committee is in full agreement with this decision but it means we will not be able to hold the Horndon 10K race in 2021 but will postpone it until June 2022. This is the safest option and will provide the best race day experience for our entrants and their friends and families.Entrants who carried over their original entry to 2021 will have their entry automatically carried over to the 2022 race which will take place on the 26th June at 11:00am.

Currently this means that the race for 2022 is full and it is unlikely that any further entries will be offered to what we believe to be one of the most popular running events in Essex.If you are an existing entrant to our race, you do not need to do anything as we have maintained a full list of runners and will contact you in good time prior to the 2022 event with the final race day details.

If you need to update your original race entry details then please contact us via email at or through the links provided on our Horndon10K Facebook page and Horndon1OK web site.Lastly on behalf of all of the Horndon 10K team we thank you for your ongoing support. We wish you all to stay safe and well over the coming months and look forward to seeing you at what will be a great event in 2022.


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