Monday, March 4, 2024

Ward by Ward: Grays Riverside: Can the Reds hold off the Greens?

ANOTHER changing area in Thurrock but you feel that the colour of the winning rosette will be the same.

Both in general election votes and local election vote, this is a strong Labour area.

The three councillors sound like a firm of Victorian solicitors: Pothercary, Kerin and Fish.

Tony Fish is a veteran councillor and actually seems to fit very well with is two colleagues. Not a week goes by without a press release from them.

There is a lot of change and a lot to represent and they seem to do an effective job from applications in Badgers Dene to crime and anti-social behaviour in and near the high street.

Always feel like damning by faint praise but cllr Fish has always been quiet but effective and a lot of loyal years serving his community.

It is good to see a Green candidate. With many different parties represented in Thurrock, it seems a shame that they wont have representation in the chamber (Additional Member System for Thurrock anyone?)

It would be good to see a Green candidate maintain their presence in the borough after May 6th.

Looking at 2019’s results, Labour will be looking for over 50% of the vote.

YT Prediction: Labour Hold


Tobi Adewa Faboro (Cons)

Daniel Fallows (Green)

Tony Fish (Labour)


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