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Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Blackshots: Oliver has come back for more

WHEN Joy Redsell last defended this seat (May 2016) she won by just one vote from UKIP.

Two years later, UKIP in Thurrock had more or less morphed into the Thurrock Independents.

It wasn’t the same and The Tories won this seat by over 600 votes.

Fresh faced Oliver Smith stood in 2018 and he is standing again.

Whilst most of the Thurrock Independents seem to be cast from the same perpetually angry mould, Oliver does seem to bring something fresh and energetic to the table.

When he talks about being there for the good of the people, you believe him.

He would make a change from the duo who have been representing the people of Little Thurrock Blackshots with all the glee of the couple in the American Gothic painting.

However, it is what you do for the people, week in, year out in the chamber and at countless meetngs that will stand Joy Redsell in good stead and see her home.

It is great to see a Green Party candidate. The variety of candidates in Thurrock is to the borough’s credit.

There should be a role for Green representation somewhere in Thurrock politics.

The Labour candidate is Marc Sugrue. He want more police and green spaces etc. If he gets over 400 votes then it will be a good result for Mr Sugrue.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold


Joy Redsell (Cons)

Oliver Smith (Thurrock Independents)

Magun Singh (Green Party)

Marc Sugrue (Labour)


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