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Praise for quick thinking Gable Hall pupils after man collapses

THE quick thinking of four students may have saved a local man’s life after he collapsed outside the Co-op near to their school on Monday morning. 

Ortu Gable Hall Student, Dylan Smith, 16 from Corringham, saw the elderly man collapse outside the shop and noticed he was bleeding. Without hesitation, Dylan quickly called an ambulance to the scene.

Fellow students Johnny Beach, 16 from Corringham, Bradley Short, 16 from Stanford, and Aidan Poskitt, 16 from Grays, supported the man with his head in a bid to stop the bleeding. 

When Dylan was told that the ambulance would be 50 minutes, he got the gentleman a taxi to take him to the hospital immediately. 

Once he was in the taxi, Dylan went to the man’s house to inform his wife and daughter-in-law that he had collapsed and was now on his way to the hospital. 

Both women were extremely grateful for the boy’s help, with the gentleman’s daughter-in-law calling the school later that day to thank them for acting so quickly. 

Dylan said: “We had to help him; we couldn’t just walk past someone who needs help. It’s the right thing to do.”

“I just thought that if that was my Grandad, I would want someone to help them too. The man didn’t say anything to me at the time, but I hope he’s alright. We’re all thinking of him and I want him to know if there’s anything I can do then to let me know.”

Staff and students at Ortu Gable Hall have praised the boys for their quick thinking and positive act of kindness. 


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