Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Fears that hundreds will lose their jobs at Thurrock Council

THE LEADER of Thurrock Labour has expressed his grave concerns over possible job losses at Thurrock Council.

Following last night’s meeting of Thurrock Council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee Labour opposition leader Cllr John Kent said;

“We have known for some time the extent of the financial crisis at Thurrock Council – there is a black hole of £34 million that needs to be filled over the next two years.

“It was shocking to have it confirmed, last night, that this will mean hundreds of hard working council staff will lose their jobs over the next few months -these aren’t just statistics, they are all people with families and other commitments who are now facing a very worrying time.

“It is shameful that not a single Conservative member of the committee had anything to say about these job losses.

“The Conservative investment strategy has saddled the council with debt interest payments of £16 million a year and it is clear that Thurrock Conservatives have completely lost control of the council’s finances.”


  1. This is the situation all over the country, not just the council..

    All these jobs that are going- I expect there will be LARGE severance payments, after all it is only the population of Thurrock who pay for these jobs.

    How many of these jobs are actually essential- i.e. Jobs created in a past period but no longer required. Perhaps it is time for a time and motion study to actually see what people do and how many hours they actually work to justify their pay.

  2. Whenever there is a problem john kent always starts with party politics its not a labout thing niether a conservative thing its about the people of Thurrock not your nasty little games


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