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Grays councillors and residents demand action over ‘Cold And Mould’ in tower blocks

Grays Councillors and Residents Demand Action Over ‘Cold And Mould’ In Tower Blocks

GRAYS councillors and residents in the six tower blocks have called for urgent action over the cold they are experiencing and the increasing prevalence of mould due to the removal of cladding. Concerns are also growing over the time it is taking to complete the works to the blocks, and a lack of support from Thurrock Council.

Cllrs Kerin, Pothecary and Fish have said:

“Our residents are being left with to suffer the worst effects of winter without adequate support from Thurrock Council. People are being left having to find £10-£20 a day extra to heat their flats – it’s simply unfair.

“With the lack of cladding and inclement weather, mould is becoming an increasing issue that our residents are having to deal with. Residents are rightly wondering what the plan is from Thurrock Council to support them with the cold and mould.”

Sian Chaplin, of the Seabrooke Estate Residents Association (SERA), said:

“My own flat is so cold that I can see my own breath. It’s the same for my neighbours, too.

“The Council took off the cladding, but didn’t think about the timeline for the works to our homes. Now we are having problems with mould. It didn’t have to be like this.”

A meeting has been requested by the Grays Riverside Councillors & representatives of SERA with senior housing officers to get the rights and fair support that the residents of the six tower blocks need.


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