Thursday, April 18, 2024

Plans for new primary school in Aveley approved

PLANNING permission for the construction of a new, government-funded primary school and nursery in Aveley has been approved.

Harrier Primary School, which is due to be built on land adjacent to the A13 and Love Lane in Aveley, was agreed at Planning Committee on Thursday 9 June.

The new school will provide spaces for up to 420 prospective primary students and 52 nursery places. An open date of September 2023 is currently targeted, with a reception class of 30 pupils. The admission of new pupils will then increase year-on-year until the school has filled each year group.

The school will feature an outdoor sports and games area, a drop off and pick up point within the school boundaries, and 85 cycle spaces.

Cllr Barry Johnson, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “It’s fantastic to see that planning permission for Harrier Academy has been approved, meaning this Department for Education project can move ahead to the next stage of development.

“The new school will include a number of sustainable benefits such as reducing CO2 emissions from the building by 60% and installing low water taps and toilets throughout.

“This exciting development will allow us to continue to achieve our incredibly high rates of school admissions, as we offer new opportunities for our children to begin their educational journey here in Thurrock, and lay the foundations for their ambitious futures.”


  1. This school is NOT NEEDED in this location there are more than enough free school places across Thurrock, especially in Purfleet. It is disgusting that the council have agreed to building a non essential school on GREEN BELT AND GRAZING LAND. The fact that the school will have to have a gradual intake of pupils is testament to this as they will be unable to fill class places from the start. Residents of Aveley village have seen our village eroded over the last few years with much of our green spaces replaced with an industrial park at the bottom of Purfleet road and housing estates along the Aveley bypass. People who do not live here are making these decisions on our behalf and have even erected a sign in our village high street stating that this is now Aveley town! I have been a resident in Aveley for over 40 years, Aveley has been a village for centuries with a strong equestrian presence and council members are eroding our way of life for profit in my opinion. We have been rocked by recent revelations of Thurrock councils misappropriation of funds. (Where are our missing millions?) Thurrock residents are expected to trust the same people (who do not live in our area) to be making these decisions on our behalf. I am not opposed to change or necessary development. We desperately need more doctors and medical facilities with the increase in population and building of housing estates. This need far outweighs that of an unnecessary primary school! SHAME ON YOU

  2. There are lots of children that need a school so why not if it will be nice and clean and in the heart of aveley then yes it will be purfect.


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