Friday, June 14, 2024

‘No Use Empty South Essex’ is looking for owners of empty commercial properties to take advantage of 0% loans for development

A PARTNERSHIP of local authorities across South Essex is calling for owners of empty commercial properties to contact the recently launched ‘No Use Empty’ scheme and take advantage of 0% loans for up to 3yrs.

The prime objective is to bring properties back into alternative commercial use or convert to residential and commercial mixed-use. The initiative covers Southend, Basildon, Thurrock, Castle Point, Rochford and Brentwood.

Since its launch in April, ‘No Use Empty South Essex’ has received a significant number of enquiries and a range of applications are currently being processed.

However, there is still some limited availability for these zero interest loans and owners/developers are being encouraged to contact the NUE team for more details.
Subject to an approval process loans are available in multiples of £25,000 up to a maximum value of £175,000.

Perry Glading, Chair of Opportunity South Essex said ‘No Use Empty South Essex is receiving a lot of interest from building owners who are keen to bring their premises back into use. We have a number of applications being processed and we are keen to see more come forward to take advantage of the zero per cent finance on offer’.

NUE SE aims to boost the local economy by supporting smaller scale commercial developers and individual owners to re-imagine, re-generate and re-use empty properties.

The project follows securing £2.2m of Government funding from the Growing Places Fund (£1m) and the Getting Building Fund (£1.2m).

Further details and information on how to apply can be found on the NUE SE web page or by emailing the team


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