Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thames Action Group claim Lower Thames Crossing “tree planting greenwash”

NATIONAL Highways have announced they have set a target to plant 1 million trees as part of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing project. 

But campaigners against the £8.2bn road project say the latest claims by National Highways are again attempts to greenwash the project.  

They say that in the recent consultation National Highways refused to share information on many important aspects of the proposed LTC, including how much woodland (including ancient woodland) and agricultural land would be lost or impacted if the road project goes ahead.

Laura Blake, Chair of the Thames Crossing Action Group added: 

You cannot talk about caring for the natural environment whilst proposing such a hugely destructive and harmful road project.  Much of the land where they are proposing to plant these trees is agricultural land that they want to take for compensation for the harmful nitrogen pollution the project would cause.  This is not mitigation, when you minimise the impacts, this is compensation, when you acknowledge the damage that has been done, because they can’t find a way to minimise or stop the pollution.  It also increases the thousands of acres of farmland that would be lost if the LTC goes ahead, at a time of major food security concerns.

A huge chunk of this proposed compensation land is at Hole Farm, near Great Warley, which National Highways have already publicly stated is part of their national plans to ‘improve’ biodiversity along their major routes, in this instance the M25. Since they have stated these plans are going ahead regardless of whether the LTC gets permission, they should not be counted as part of the LTC project, It is creative accounting and yet more greenwash nonsense.”


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