Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Gable Hall school branded “inadequate” by government inspectors Ofsted

A DISAPPOINTING Ortu Gable Hall Ofsted report has been released today Monday 11th July. The report judges the school (overall) as inadequate, following their inspection on the 3rd and 4th May 2022.

Safeguarding arrangements at the school were described as not effective and Ortu Gable Hall was keen to assure parents and students that improving this is, and continues to be, a top priority for staff and leaders. They point to the report which states that ‘pupils report that behaviour is much better than it once was and that they feel safe’.

Ofsted also states that students’ behaviour and attitudes at the school are good and that the 6th Form remains good.     

The Ortu Federation which runs Ortu Gable Hall School have stated that: “We accept the thoroughness of the report, recognise the need to make urgent improvement at the school and welcome the positive feedback about areas where visible improvements have been achieved since the last inspection. We are proud to be a school in which teachers typically have good subject knowledge, relationships are positive and where gaps in reading are quickly and systematically closed.  We are taking rapid steps to resolve our shortcomings at Key stage 4, with our Computing, PSHE and RSE offer.

The Trust explained: “With Ofsted reports, if there is ever any concern regarding the effectiveness of arrangements for safeguarding, leadership is judged inadequate. This automatically places the school in the category of inadequate. We are taking urgent action to improve the school. This repair work began well before the report was published and some improvements are already well developed.”

Ortu is working in partnership with safeguarding experts from other boroughs and with specialists from the Local Children’s Safeguarding Partnership in order to ensure that improvements have expert oversight.  

Georgina Clark, Acting Chair of Ortu Trust, said: “Culture, procedure, policy, process and record keeping are integral to effective safeguarding and we are working hard to ensure that the concerns raised in the ofsted report are addressed urgently”. 

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our committed staff team who worked relentlessly over the last couple of years to secure the improvements stated in the report”. 

Dr S. Asong, Federation CEO said, “The urgent work to improve began the day after the inspection. We are strengthening our teams, partnership working and securing the gains already achieved. There is a lot to be thankful to our staff, students and parents for in this report”.  



  1. Amazing how the CEO has not been accountable for any of this, and we have an amazing head teacher and leader who has now lost his job. The CEO and board governors should be sacked over this Dr Asong has run this school down since Mr King handed it over.

  2. I worked at the school and raised the safeguarding concerns multiple times with dr asong. I’m in one particular a child was a serious danger to other children and I said ‘he needs to go’. Her response was ‘but look at his IQ’. He will get great results. I told her that does not matter, he is a safeguarding to others. She responded” you have a different point of view, it is a different way of seeing things”


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