Wednesday, November 29, 2023

MP pays tribute to emergency services and warns of danger on the Thames

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price has praised the efforts of firefighters who have tackled recent incidents in the summer heatwave and also highlighted the dangers of the River Thames.

She added that local authorities could do more to improve safety.

Ms Doyle-Price was speaking as part of a debate in the House of Commons where MPs considered the consequences of the hot weather.

Minister Kit Malthouse revealed that fire caused by the heat had consumed 41 properties and generated the busiest day for the fire service since World War 2.

The minister also revealed that there had been 13 drowning incidents as people seeking the cool by entering the water and then finding themselves in difficulty. 

Ms Doyle-Price paid tribute to firefighters who tackled the huge blaze at Wennington where a number of homes were destroyed and used the occasion to remind the House how dangerous the Thames is.

She said: “I associate myself with comments made by members who have paid tribute to the emergency services who fearlessly tackled the challenges, particularly the fire at Wennington, which generated a smoke cloud that spread across the whole of east London and Thurrock. 

“That showed just how challenging it was. I would particularly like to draw attention to the River Thames. 


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