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NHS calls for Thurrock residents to “do their bit”

THE NHS and partners across Essex are calling on everyone to help ‘Do Your Bit’ this winter as hospitals, GPs, paramedics and care services prepare for a rise in demand for local services. 

The most recent data shows that the NHS was already experiencing record demand for emergency services, with ambulances across the region responding to over 55,000 face to-face-incidents in September alone.  In the same month call handlers have responded to more than 112,000 contacts, including 83,000 calls from the 999 service.   

GP services are also seeing a huge rise in demand.  From the start of April and the end of July 2022, local GP services provided over 1.9 million consultations, an increase of 31,000 compared to the same time the previous year. 

While the NHS is here for local residents when they need it, there are lots of things people can do to stay well and help others in your community.  From accepting invitations for important winter vaccinations to reduce the risk of serious illness, choosing the right NHS service or wearing sturdy slippers to help prevent falls, local health and care partners are calling on everyone to do their bit.  

To support residents, a new campaign has been launched to help share important information about how the public to do their bit and take action to look after themselves, loved ones and the local NHS. 

To mark the launch, the local NHS and wider health and care partners are encouraging local people to subscribe to FREE winter advice. 

Subscribers will receive regular information about how people can support the #DoYourBit movement with useful tips and advice from local GP, Dr Anna Davey.  

To receive the new e-bulletins visit 

Dr Anna Davey, local GP leader for NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board said: “Every part of the health and care system is currently under pressure treating and supporting increasing numbers of people right across the board.  Our staff are doing their very best to make sure everyone can get the care they require but prevention is better than cure.  There are many ways local people can protect themselves and others from ending up needing to call on local NHS services.  

“This is an increasingly tough time for everyone and we appreciate how difficult it can feel for the public at the moment. However, by accepting invitations for FREE winter vaccinations and understanding all the different ways they can do their bit will allow us to care for the most seriously ill patients.” 


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