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Police operation in Thurrock sees big fall in anti-social behaviour

A POLICE operation in Thurrock has contributed to a 54 per cent decrease in antisocial behaviour.

Operation Caesar to tackle nuisance bikers and off-roaders was launched six weeks ago and is exceeding expectations councillors on Thurrock’s cleaner, greener overview and scrutiny committee heard.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Insp Terry Fisher gave an update on several operations throughout the borough which are tackling gang crime and antisocial behaviour.

These include Essex Police and Thurrock Council buying two quad bikes to combat anti-social motorcycling.
Bikers had been using the borough’s green spaces and illegally accessing private land to ride their bikes, turning formerly peaceful areas into racetracks and subjecting local residents to the drone of excessive engine noise.

Speaking of the successful Operation Caesar, Mr Fisher said: “We have already had some really good success with Operation Caesar this year. Our target was to issue 30 warnings to off road vehicles used in Thurrock by the end of the year and we’ve smashed through that target considerably.

“We’ve already issued 71 to date. The aim is to get 100 and I think with the implementation of the quad bikes being used by my officers that it’s not only going to assist in community confidence but it will allow us to hold those to account who think it’s ok to drive in the manner they do continually on our green belt land.”

Chairman Joycelyn Redsell, said: “I have got to thank you because Operation Caesar is definitely working. It’s really good. I as a councillor haven’t had many complaints at all. Actually I don’t think I’ve had any in the last six weeks which is brilliant. This is a good thing that has worked.”

He added: “The main headline for Thurrock is that antisocial behaviour is down 54.2 per cent The main indicator for antisocial behaviour was on and off-road vehicle nuisance.”

Officers on quads will continue to frequent locations across the borough known to be popular with the riders. Previously, many of these areas would only be accessible on foot, which seriously compromised officers’ ability to catch the perpetrators.


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