Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thurrock Council’s “bankruptcy” inevitable says Labour leader

THE formal issuing of Thurrock Council’s Section 114 notice – the local government equivalent of bankruptcy was, sadly, inevitable says Thurrock Labour leader John Kent.

Cllr Kent said: “For years, we have been warning about the possible consequences of the Conservative’s disastrous financial mismanagement, but time and again we were laughed at, fobbed off and misled.

The suggestion that a Section 114 notice is somehow good news – “a clear indication that we are on the road to recovery” or merely a procedural step – is frankly insulting to the many council staff who will be fearing for their jobs, to vulnerable people fearing for the services they rely on and to all of us who will be paying the price for the Conservative’s disastrous financial mismanagement of Thurrock Council for decades to come.

The Leader of the Council claims he was “shocked” to learn of the scale of the financial catastrophe. That is just ridiculous. He has sat in the Cabinet for all of the last six and a half years – just what have he and his cronies been doing for all that time?

This disaster has been made and delivered by Thurrock Conservatives and it’s high time they accept responsibility for their actions and resign.


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