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EPUT launches first specialist Neuromodulation Service in eastern region

ESSEX Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) has launched the first specialist Neuromodulation service in the east of England.

The Essex Neuromodulation Service is the only centre in the region to offer a range of Neuromodulation treatments for patients living with long-term depression for who medication has proven ineffective.

Neuromodulation uses targeted delivery of either chemical, electro-magnetic or electrical stimulation to alter nerve activity in the part of the brain that regulates mood, helping to reduce and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The pioneering new clinic based at Brentwood Resource Centre in Greenwich Avenue offers Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) alongside the Trust’s existing Electroconvulsive Therapy clinics in Colchester, Basildon and Chelmsford, bringing all Neuromodulation treatments under one umbrella service.

EPUT has provided rTMS for private patients across Essex and beyond since 2015 but has expanded the service following funding from Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System (ICS). All of the Neuromodulation treatments are now available to NHS patients living across Mid and South Essex as well as other areas of Essex. Private treatment is also available for people living across the county and beyond.

Advances in Neuromodulation are transforming the lives of patients with long-term depression who have tried a number of types of anti-depressant medication but experienced no improvement in symptoms.

Thomas, a patient at Essex Neuromodulation Service, has seen a significant improvement in his mental health as a result of regular treatment. He said: “I was in a pretty bad way

when I was first referred but I can now say very definitely that I am in a much better place. The treatment is giving me the ability to start focusing on my wellbeing and looking after myself again. It has got me doing things I enjoy again like reading and cooking.”
Milind Karale, Executive Medical Director at EPUT, said: “Living with persistent depression and anxiety can be completely debilitating and impact every aspect of life. Pioneering Neuromodulation treatments are transforming the lives of patients and I am delighted that our new service will lead the way in providing innovative treatments to those in need.”

More information about the service is available at

NHS patients interested in a referral to the service should speak to their GP in the first instance. Private patients who would like to speak to a member of the treatment team should call 01277 265300 ext 4380 or email


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