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Stanford-le-Hope Primary celebrate positive Ofsted

STAFF and children at Stanford-le-Hope Primary School are delighted with the outcome of their most recent Ofsted inspection. Three inspectors visited the school on  22nd and 23rd November 2022. The overall effectiveness ofStanford-le-Hope Primary School has been graded as a good, with each individual area also rated as good.   

During the visit, the inspectors looked at five subjects in depth during their ‘deep dives’: reading, maths, history,computing, and science. As part of the process the inspectors met with senior leaders and subject leaders andacknowledged that ‘leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum.’  They also visited lessons, looked at books and met with children. It was reported that ‘staff have high expectations of pupils and pupils work hard to reach these.  Pupils appreciate the ‘high-quality support they get from all adults in school’ and that ‘staff have the same high ambition for pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) as they do for other pupils.’  

The inspectors also spent time on the playgrounds and in the lunch halls and recognised that ‘Pupils look after each other at Stanford-le-Hope Primary School.’  ‘They live the school’s cooperative values in everything they do.’ 

There was also a focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage where they visited the school nursery and reception classes and confirmed that ‘the early years provides children with a good start to school.’ 

Stanford-le-Hope Primary School is part of the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust and the report noted that ‘Trustees and local governors have a secure understanding of what the school does well.’ They hold leaders to account effectively.Louise Coates, Deputy CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Trust states ‘there is so much to celebrate in this Ofsted report. The Trust is so proud of all this school has achieved as part of its local community. The hard work andcommitment to upholding the co-operative values is evident throughout this report.’  

Miss Lisa Glandfield, Headteacher says ‘I am extremely pleased that the team identified all the great things that we already know happen at Stanford-le-Hope Primary School and I am incredibly proud of our staff and pupils.’   


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