Friday, June 14, 2024

Little Thurrock councillors condemn arsonists in park

LITTLE Thurrock Rectory councillors have joined residents in condemning ‘mindless vandals’ who set a motorbike on fire damaging a toddlers slide and the safety matting.

Little Thurrock Cllr Tom Kelly said: “I cannot believe that anyone would be so thoughtless to deliberately set fire to a motorbike, even more, to do so on a toddlers play area to ruin it. 

“This much loved park is regularly used by local residents since we first got the equipment installed over a decade ago. These mindless vandals have not only ruined equipment specifically designed for our youngest residents but have made the play area unsafe.”

Delafield Park recently received a much needed boost when the Council installed outdoor gym equipment and is next to the new community park that was built by residents during lockdown.

Fellow ward Cllr Rob Gledhill added: “This isn’t high-junks, this isn’t a bit of fun that got out of hand, this is out and out criminal activity. 

“Tom and I will be asking officers if the equipment can be replaced as it is so popular with our residents. Professionally I cannot use the words to describe them that residents have sent to me but can assure them that I think likewise! I sincerely hope the police catch and take action against these criminals and that the cost of the repairs are added to any sentence they receive.”

Anyone with information is asked contact the police or


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