Monday, April 22, 2024

The State Cinema tragedy continues as building is sold

THE State cinema is Grays has a new owner, though it is not yet known who it is reports Thurrock Nub News.

And while mystery surrounds the buyer who pre-empted a sale at auction to take over the Grade-II listed property, mystery also surrounds what action, if any, Thurrock Council has taken to protect the building through enforcement action against its previous owners, the Wetherspoons pub chain.

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  1. Thurrock Council couldn’t find their arse with both hands. The only thing you can say about them is that on all the big things at least they are consistent. Consistently incompetent unfortunately for the residents of Thurrock. Because of their utter stupidity our council tax will be going up by 10% too this year. The odd thing is, people keep voting for the same idiots that did it to them in some sort twisted tribal trance.

  2. A perfect summary of Thurrock Council Ian
    At the last local elections in Thurrock around only 1 in 4 could even be bothered to vote. Although you would hope that recent events would galvanise people to get out and change things I would be surprised
    A large part of society no longer relate to politics at either a national or local level .As a result the quality and ability of those representing us has continued to decline. Thurrock being an excellent example.

  3. New office nxt to old office do think we’re all blind more money wasted have a clear out at the top asap


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