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Changing Old Habits: Finding Alternative Hobbies To Try When Boredom Strikes

Humans are creatures of habit. Over time, we create routines that suit our lifestyles. Before we realise it, we complete these routines without a second thought. Breaking these habits can be a difficult task to undertake.

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Attempting to break an old habit can be easy for some than others. As research suggests, breaking an old habit could take anywhere between 18 to 254 days. For many of us, our worst habits occur when boredom strikes. It causes us to often use unhealthy habits to help us combat our boredom.

When boredom strikes, here are a few alternative hobbies to try when you are interested in changing old habits.

Switch Screen Time For Reading Time

All of us are guilty of endless scrolling on our phones to pass the time. Without realising it, hours can slip past us, and we will find ourselves in the same position, still scrolling. Mobile phones today have the power to monitor our screen time and habits. It shows us how much time we spend in a week and a day using our phones, breaking it down into the apps we use the most and how much time we spend on them.

To help change these habits, consider switching your screen time to reading time. Make a note of how much time you spend on your phone or a particular app, and use that time as a target for how much you choose to read instead. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading provides an alternative way to use your time and learn something new instead of reverting to old habits.

Try Your Hand At Different Games

The gaming industry is booming. Now more than ever, there is what feels like an endless amount of games available, with new releases exciting the industry. Playing video games is a popular way many choose to escape and unwind after work or on the weekend. When bored, they turn to games to dive into another world to explore and complete the quests that await them.

If you have yet to try your hand at a console game, consider playing a few PC games before investing in a console. This could enable you to see if playing video games is something of interest to you. Additionally, broaden your horizon of gaming choices by sampling games from various genres. It might uncover a genre or game you might not have previously considered playing. You might even want to try your hand at online casinos and use ones that offer bonuses without requirements. This way, you could reap the rewards of bonuses without requirements but enjoy the innovative games on offer.

Get Crafty With A DIY Project

Of course, if the old habits you want to break include spending too much time looking at screens, look for hobbies that do not require you to use your mobile or computer. These could be DIY projects that allow you to get crafty. It could be upcycling old pieces of furniture and turning them into items that fit perfectly into your home.

Alternatively, it could be learning a new craft skill. Fortunately, there are plenty of beginner packs available that are perfect for those looking to get crafty. If you are looking at completing knitting, crocheting or embroidery, you can find plenty of beginner packs that include all the materials you need to complete the pre-made design. These packs are perfect for beginners as they provide everything they need to help them learn a new skill.

Time To Learn To Cook

Another skill that many people try to learn is how to cook. Everyone’s cooking skill levels vary tremendously. Some are adventurous with their cooking, using new recipes to inspire various dishes. Others prefer to make their favourites, the recipes they know by heart and what the result should be. For some, their confidence in the kitchen might be lacking, preferring to keep the total of times they cook to a minimum.

Learning to cook not only equips you with a new skill but also allows you to gain a new hobby. One that helps to pass the time and one where the result is, hopefully, delicious. You could invest in cookbooks or look online for various recipes to try. From there, you can do trial and error as you prepare and make a variety of dishes. Start with some easy dishes to help build your confidence in the kitchen, and then work your way upwards.

How To Maintain New Habits

As you can see, there are plenty of new habits you can try to help you break out of the old habits that were not serving you. However, knowing what new habits to try and maintaining them are two separate things. It is one thing to know a new habit to try, but it is another to maintain them so they naturally become part of your routine. Keep reading to find tips to help you maintain any new habits you wish to try.

Realistic Goals

Starting with a common mistake many fall for, setting unrealistic goals. Understandably, you might want to set yourself a big target, one that motivates you to work towards it. However, setting an unrealistic goal for yourself increases the chances of failing. Instead, set a realistic target for yourself. For instance, if your goal is to read more books, set a target of one book a month instead of one a week. You might find it easier to achieve this goal than attempting to read a book a week. Gradually, you can increase your goal to two books a month.

Set Reminders 

Along with realistic goals, set yourself reminders to practice your new hobby. It could be setting some time aside after work to read, play a game, paint, knit or cook. Place a reminder on your phone to alert you that you have to use some of your spare time to complete your hobby. Have notes around the house to remind you. Place them in areas you often retreat to when boredom strikes. Seeing these reminders when you are bored could help prompt you to pick up your new hobby.

Make It Enjoyable

Participating in a hobby that you are not enjoying makes it feel like a chore rather than a fun activity. When you are not enjoying your new hobby, your willingness to participate drops significantly. Instead, you reach for your mobile phone or revert back to your old habits to help occupy your time. Aim to make the hobby something enjoyable. This way, you will be more likely to continue participating and enjoy it more.

Remain Consistent

Consistency is key. Continuously participating in your new hobby will help it become a habit, one that you do not think about performing but instead do on instinct when feeling bored. Of course, being consistent is a struggle many will experience when creating new habits. However, setting reminders, making it enjoyable and being realistic with your goals will help you be consistent when setting new habits for yourself and breaking old ones.

Ditch Old Habits

The temptation to fall back into old habits can be overwhelming at times, especially if we are struggling with practising new habits. When those temptations creep in, remind yourself why you wanted to change and break these habits. Before you realise it, your old habits will be long forgotten, and you will soon be enjoying the new habits you participate in when boredom strikes.


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