Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ward by Ward: Chadwell St Mary: Will Labour see the rise and fall of Sophie?

THIS is another seat that has seen a variety of parties winning and/or going close.

Back in 2007, the BNP polled over 800 votes.

Over the last couple of years, it has been a bit of a ding-dong battle between Labour and Conservatives.

Certainly, Adam Carter (Cons) and Sara Muldowney (Lab) have been pretty high profile.

Daniel Chukwu maybe a little less so and therefore, it will be vital that the Labour team get out there on the doos to ensure he is returned.

His opponent is cult media personality Sophie Corcoran. She recently appeared on a Channell 4 series called Rise and Fall. Now that she is off it, it will be interesting to see whether she puts in the hard yards in Chadwell.

Sophie seems to have something of an on/off relationship with the Conservative Party.

We imagine that the cost of living, potholes and a 10% hike in council tax under a Tory-run Thurrock Council will be enough for a Labour Hold


Daniel Chukwu (Labour)

Sophie Corcoran (Conservative)





  1. Sophie is 100% in it for herself. She’s a vile, ultra right wing grifter who was even kicked out of the Tory party at one point. She lies and manipulates and will use anyone to achieve ‘fame’. It doesn’t matter what flavour you are (left, right or centre) you really don’t want to be represented by this woman. Apart from anything else she has zero life experience and she’s simply hateful. A bully.

  2. She was never kicked out of the Tory party blatant libel. I’m guessing you’re one of her Twitter haters. Another example of a lonely old man attacking a successful young woman.

  3. I’m sorry, but she claimed she was but maybe she’s a liar (most Tories seem to be). I don’t hate her but I do think her behaviour and her views are abhorrent. Oh, and I’m not an old man unless 37 puts me in that demographic. Silly insult.


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