Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ward by ward: Is it time to dethrone king Ralph?

THIS seat has been fairly comfortably Conservative for quite a while. It only wavered when UKIP was having its few years in the sun.

The Conservative party candidate, Shane Ralph won it as a Thurrock Independent and then joined the Conservatives.

Councillor Ralph has been fully immersed in the life of Thurrock Council.

In an article in Thurrock Nub News, the editor (who is also running in Stanford West as an Independent) described him as a “Tory apologist” which is an interesting turn of phrase.

In 2022, the Conservatives won this seat by 300 votes. That was a drop form 741 in 2021.

Once again, this seat may depend on how many Conservative voters decided to stay home.

How strongly do they really feel about the state of the council in Thurrock and/or the state of the government.

Roy Jones was deputy leader of UKIP in Thurrock and makes a comeback as an Independent. He was a very good councillor but again, it all depends on how much work he has been putting in.

However, he might give people an option if they don’t want to vote Tory.

That might be Labour’s only chance. Sadly, they have not had the calibre of a Gordon Gambier for a long time.

Many will be amazed if there are over 700 to 800 people in this ward who will back a Thurrock Conservative. The next comment should involve “a bridge to sell you”……but let democracy take its path.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold


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