Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ward by ward: Stanford West: Will they vote Tory in spite of Speight?

THIS will be the real test of how unpopular the Tories are. This will be the test to see if people are willing to return the councillor who was portfolio holder for finance when Thurrock Council’s financial world collapsed.

Or will people see Shane Hebb, the local ward councillor, the local Stanford man and give him a chance.

If anyone is going to beat him then it is down to the Independent Neil Speight. Journalist Neil has edited a large number of papers in Thurrock over the last twenty years.

Probably one of the best local government reporters in the country. He diligently reported on the financial meltdown at Thurrock Council and kept going and going when he was berated, hounded and ridiculed.

He has been campaigning with just a few foot soldiers but he has given it his all.

The good people of Stanford could do worse than Neil campaign for them in the chamber.

When the vote is returned, we think this might be the “Blimey, they are unpopular, aren’t they!?”

But we think the artist formerly known as the iron chancellor will sneak home.

YT Prediction: Tory Hold




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