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Thurrock newspaper editor pledges to get the balance right now he is a councillor

THE EDITOR of a Thurrock newspaper has pledged to respect laws of confidentiality now that he has been elected as a councillor.

Thurrock Nub News editor, Neil Speight, is celebrating following a resounding win as an Independent in Stanford-le-Hope West where he ousted Conservative, Shane Hebb, former councillor responsible for finance, by 643 votes to 511.

Mr Speight said: “The way the results panned out means that the opportunity for a small cohort of non-aligned candidates to influence things by holding the balance of power is diminished, at least for a year.

“I would be less than honest if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed, particularly as it weakens the opportunity to influence major infrastructure issues.”

Mr Speight will be privy to confidential council papers and will have to balance his role as a councillor and as editor of a news outlet.

He added: “My primary role as councillor is to represent the people in the ward.

“Regarding the issue of confidentiality, I’m not going to be sitting at the top table and I suspect getting information as a councillor may be as difficult as it is as a journalist.

“If I have to make a decision of conscience I will try and do the right thing.”


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