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New lighting has been installed to make a play area in Tilbury safer

NEW lighting has been installed to make a play area in Tilbury safer.

Thurrock Council’s Resident Engagement and Community Safety Team engaged with young people using Koala Park in Tilbury earlier this year to find out what would make them feel safer using the park. 

The young people wanted more outside spaces that were safe and well-lit.

Funding was granted for seven solar lamp posts through the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Grant Fund, which supports projects including environmental improvements and Community Safety Partnerships.

The lights have been installed alongside the paths and overlooking the seating areas within Koala Park to reduce dark areas and make the park more welcoming to young people using it.

Cllr Luke Spillman, cabinet member for housing, said: “Ensuring our residents are happy in their neighbourhoods is vital for their community wellbeing. I’m pleased that we’ve been able to boost young people’s safety by installing extra lighting in Koala Park.

“We listened to their concerns, explored avenues to help make them feel safer and worked with other partners to implement this worthwhile project. Thank you to everyone involved for their hard work.”

The project was led by findings from the 2021/2022 Essex Violence and Vulnerability Listening Project where 70 young people identified areas that they felt unsafe in to the Red Balloon Foundation and the council’s Resident Engagement Team.


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