Thursday, September 21, 2023

Vision Zero nets five arrests in operations to tackle road safety in Basildon and Chadwell St Mary

ON Friday 2 June, our Roads Policing officers carried out high visibility patrols and stops at sites in Basildon followed by a second Vision Zero day of action on Thursday 8 June in Chadwell, Thurrock.

So far this month, the two Vision Zero operations have netted five arrests for drink or drug driving and over 200 drivers reported for traffic offences in an effort to ensure safety on our roads. 

Vision Zero is our ambition to eliminate road deaths in the county by 2040 or sooner by tackling the offences that contribute to killed or seriously injured collisions, known as the Fatal Four by detecting and tackling those who disregard the law.

Across the two days, those Fatal Four offences – speeding, not wearing seatbelts, mobile phone use whilst driving and drink or drug driving – saw the following numbers of drivers reported: 

• 58 for no seatbelts

• 55 for speeding

• 41 for mobile phone offences

We continue to work hard with our partners at Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) to make the roads in Essex safe, to reduce crime on our roads and uphold the law. Vision Zero days highlight to the public that road-related crime won’t be tolerated and show we will take all necessary action to tackle offenders and to remove any risk to other road users.

Last month, SERP launched the Vision Zero Pledge calling on all drivers to pledge their support to the elimination of deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads.

By signing the pledge, which is now available on the SERP website, members of the community will be asked to take action in several ways when using our roads: some of the ways are – 

• To be alert, considerate and careful, every time I use the roads

• To drive within the posted speed limit or more slowly, to allow for unforeseen risks

• To always wear a seatbelt and insist that my passengers do the same

• To put my mobile phone away or on silent when driving and avoid other distractions

• To always ensure any alcohol or drugs have left my system before driving

Pledge your support today and find out how you can support us,  visit

Thurrock – 8th June 

22 Seatbelts 

26 Mobile Phones

32 Speed

4 Tints

2 S.165 seizures, no insurance and DOWL

1 Index plate

3 Dangerous condition

1 Careless driving


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