Thursday, June 20, 2024

Essex Police: Stay safe on the roads this summer

AHEAD of the good weather, police are asking all road users to look out for each other, to keep everyone safe this summer.

A spokesperson said: “During the summer months we see more people on the road heading off to our beaches and beauty spots to enjoy some time in the sun with family and friends. It means we have more vehicles on the roads, especially at weekends and bank holidays, including our more vulnerable two-wheel users.

Sadly, last year, 48 people died on the county’s roads as a result of collisions.

Vision Zero is our commitment to road safety and we will continue to work with partners to ensure we do everything we can to make roads safe: it’s our ambition to have zero road deaths by 2040 or sooner. You can help play you part by visiting the Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s website at www.SERP to find out how you can pledge your support for zero roads deaths in Essex.

All motorists should take care by being:

  • Being alert, considerate and careful every time you use the roads
  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Wear your seat belt
  • Put your mobile phone away or on silent when driving
  • Don’t drink or drug drive
  • Follow Highway Code guidance
  • Share the roads safely

We’d ask vehicle drivers to take extra care when approaching a motorbike or pedal cycle to prevent collisions by:

  • Only overtaking when safe to do so
  • Avoid near misses by allowing extra space when overtaking
  • Carefully look twice at junctions or before pulling away
    We’d ask motorcyclists to take extra care too and always wear a helmet, suitable footwear and protective clothing and if you’ve a pillion passenger on board, make sure they are suitably dressed and wearing a helmet too. Ensure you can be seen, and that the driver of other vehicles have seen you before you make a manoeuvre.

“Let’s all stay safe on the roads this summer”.


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