Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Man bought private jet with borrowed Thurrock Council money

A BUSINESSMAN cheated a council out of tens of millions of pounds and went on a spending spree with the cash, an investigation has discovered reports the BBC.

Leaked documents reveal how Liam Kavanagh used Thurrock Council’s money to buy luxury goods, including a yacht and a private jet.

The council has been made effectively bankrupt after investing £655m in Mr Kavanagh’s solar farm business.

Mr Kavanagh’s lawyers say all the payments were permissible. 

They say they were approved by his company’s finance team and auditor.

Click below for the full story.


Click below for the full investigation by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.



  1. It’s not enough for the council’s Conservative leader to simply apologise and express regret for the catastrophic failures that have plunged Thurrock into crippling debt, they must step down from their positions of power immediately. The fact that the finance director had “unlimited authority to invest in anything he felt fit” is simply unbelievable and a clear indication of gross incompetence and corruption within the system. The people of Thurrock have put their trust in these councillors and they have let them down in the most appalling way. It is not fair for the residents of Thurrock to be financially punished for the actions of a corrupt system whose only purpose was to scam. The councillors must take responsibility for their actions and resign. The people of Thurrock deserve better than this.


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