Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Unpaid carers being forced to repay £250m to DWP in allowance overpayments

UNPAID carers must repay more than £250 million after many were unknowingly overpaid their allowance, new figures show reports the BBC.

The government is seeking to recover money from more than 134,000 carers.

Carer’s Allowance must be repaid in full if a strict earnings limit is exceeded by even a few pence.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said it was “progressing an enhanced notification strategy” to alert carers to overpayments.

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  1. This is a trap set up by bureaucratic management within the Demonic Workplace Parasites to penalise innocent carers providing a cheaper service than what it would cost Social Services, NHS, etc for going as little as a penny over the threshold. If it was a supplement for income as a top up and they started earning more then maybe, but not when it is for caring due to a pay increase or whatever.

    What is meant by a change in circumstances which needs to be notified to the DWP? Changing your daily routine, not going out as much because the weather is too cold, etc.

    The DWP uses a change in circumstance to try to frighten people into notifying them which is an opportunity for the DWP to take people off benefits. I had PIP for many problems I have with daily living, but only recently got diagnosed as autistic. This evidence was submitted to the DWP to support my needs in future, there were no changes in my circumstances, but the DWP claimed my circumstances had changed and stopped my PIP, despite identifying more problems I had associated with autism than what was already on my record.

    The DWP is never to be trusted.


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