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Developer proposes 600 new homes in Grays

THURROCK Council has been asked to assess a potential scheme which could see 600 new homes bult in Grays.

Miller Homes says it intends to apply to the council for outline planning permission to develop up to 600 homes on land east of the A1012 and land north of Stifford Clays Road in North Grays.

The developer has submitted a request for a scoping opinion on the scheme with a report on the possible impacts of such a large development including “significant effects on the environment”.

The 54-acre site consists of two parcels of land, including fields and hedgerows and trees that will be retained.

The proposed development will include 30 per cent affordable homes.

Pedestrian and cycle links will be created through both parcels of land and the existing public right of way in the east of the Land East of A1012 parcel will be retained. The scheme proposed new areas of informal public open space, including children’s play areas and the potential for improvements to Nutberry Playing Fields “will be investigated”.

A report to the council said: “The proposed development has the potential to cause a range of community, social and economic effects.

“These include population changes, increased provision of market and affordable housing, generation of employment and the increased demand for and provision of local services.”

The report adds: “The proposed development will make changes to the local road infrastructure, including new site access junctions onto Stifford Clays Road and potential improvements to this road to address rat-running and ad hoc on-street parking.

“Given the sensitivity of this road, these effects have the potential to be significant.”

Post-construction, the proposed development will increase traffic on the local road network, particularly Stifford Clays Road, the A13 in the vicinity of the site, the A1012 into the town and the A1306 Arterial Road North Stifford.

However, the developer said: “Given the existing traffic levels on these roads and the size of the development, it is not likely that it would create sufficient traffic movements to lead to a perceptible increase in road traffic noise and no significant effects are predicted.”

However, a noise assessment will be submitted in support of the planning application. The proposed homes will be fitted with air source heat pumps, which have the potential to generate operational noise but the developer said this can be mitigated.


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