Warnings over imported pets from eastern Europe

THURROCK’S Council’s Trading Standards is warning people of the dangers and possible costs of buying pets without checking where they have come from.

Increasing numbers of puppies are being imported illegally from eastern Europe to the UK where prices are much higher.

They are being sold through adverts on the internet and in newspaper small ads as UK-bred dogs.

Thurrock Council portfolio holder for Public Protection Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “These animals are often accompanied by bogus histories and forged documents.

“Many come into the UK without having been vaccinated against rabies, others are vaccinated too young and too soon before being imported when the vaccinations are not affective.”

She explained that checks by vets often uncover the real history when new owners first take their animals for treatment. If a pet is found to be illegally imported and non-compliant with disease control rules owners could face costly quarantine and vet bills.

Cllr Gaywood added: “If you are planning to buy a pet dog or cat, it is important you make some basic but important checks.

“Don’t buy them from unknown sources. If you are thinking of bringing a new animal into your home, it’s important you know where it comes from and where it was born.

“Be particularly careful when buying dogs or cats advertised on the internet or through the media. Illegally imported dogs and cats may carry diseases such as rabies which is still a problem in some eastern European countries.”

The counci’s trading standards team says anyone planning to buy a cat or dog should:

Buy the animal from a reputable supplier. Advice is available from organisations such as the RSPCA.
Check the animal’s history by speaking to a previous owner. If you are buying a puppy or kitten, you should ask to see it with its mother and the rest of the litter.

View the animal and its documentation before you buy. If it was born outside the UK it must have either a pet passport or a veterinary certificate. The pet passport needs to confirm that it was vaccinated against rabies at the correct age (dated), according to the manufacturer’s data sheet, normally at three months of age. There should also be a micro-chip number and if it is a dog the date of worming.

If you have any doubts about an animal speak to your vet before agreeing to buy it.

For more information visit: www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/buying-cat-dog/ or contact Thurrock Trading Standards on 01375 652329.

9 Responses to "Warnings over imported pets from eastern Europe"

  1. NoVoice   March 7, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Yet more fabulous examples of the benefits of mass immigration. We should all be Thankful to the Labour party for all these benefits. Loved last nights party political by the way. Milibrain missed one thing out though. It was a thoroughly thought through and worked out policy of the Labour party to destroy this country, not a silly numbers error. Next time the poor, the badly paid, the less well off, those on benefits who claim not to be able to find a job, you know who to blame. It ain’t the Tory cuts, it’s the scum bags with the mass immigration policy, i.e. Labour.

  2. Peter Perrin   March 7, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    NoVoice your pseudonym is a contradiction as you miss no opportunty to make your views known in particular with regard to your obvious hatred of the Labour Party and, some would say, your racist views about immigration. I personally would not call you a racist and I believe that a very large number of people, some ethnic minorities included, agree and support some of the views you have expressed. I believe a racist is one who advocates violence and preaches hatred towards others on the grounds of their ethnicity. I do not consider a person to be racist for expressing a concern about uncontrolled immigration or that they perceive Britain is losing it’s culltural identity as a result. We are told that intergration is to be welcomed but most ethnic minorities seem to disagree and tend to colonise areas and create a “ghetto” of their own kind to the extent that some of those areas are virtually “no go” areas to others not of their ethnicity. However, NoVoice, what I particularly take exception to is the tone of your criticism and choice of language when commenting on the Labour Party and by inference any one who is a member of the Labour Party such as myself.
    The virulence of your comments e.g. Labour “scum bags” is unwarranted and if used in reference to an ethnic minority would be seen as racist. The sneering way you use the word “comrade” when attributing it to Labour Party members does you no credit. To be a “comrade” is not a matter of ridicule, I served 20 plus years in the British Army and was proud to be a comrade along with my fellow soldiers.

  3. NoVoice   March 7, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Mr Perrin this country has had to put up with 15 years of the lies and vitriol given out by the Labour party and it’s supporters over immigration. They’ve spent 15 years verbally abusing anyone that dared mention immigration in any way other than the Labour party’s official line; followed slavishly by the mainstream media might I add.

    They’ve called people, racists, xenophobes, little Englanders. Some have made death threats. Left wing Labour supporting comedians ridicule anyone that is against mass immigration and treat them as though they are not part of the human race. I’ve been called a Nazi, a fascist and worse.

    People are being banned from fostering children and attending meetings by Labour party members and Labour run local authorities because they support a certain political party. The Labour party launched the most virulent campaign against anyone that disagreed with mass immigration. They introduced legislation that would have people imprisoned if they spoke out against mass immigration in a certain way.

    Now they come out as though none of this ever happened and, as usual, none of this was anything to do with them. It was somebody else’s fault. As the old saying goes, if you can’t take it don’t dish it. I suggest people like yourself have a word with your party and get them to explain why they have lied to the British people and why they saw it necessary to denigrate an entire nation and treat them as though they were somehow inferior simply because they didn’t fall into line with their mass immigration agenda.

    It has cost this country a fortune and run large parts of it into the ground. A capital city now made up mainly of immigrants, as with most other cities. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see the damage, but the denial from the Labour party has been loud, far more abusive and far more destructive than anything I might scribble on here.

    Get the Labour party to apologise to a nation unreservedly and reverse what they have done. I too was a former Labour party member that knocked on doors for MacKinlay in 2 general elections. My personal wish now is that they never again gain power in this country. They are a spiteful, deceitful party and I can only say that for decent members like yourself, you’ll just have to realise that the comments that are made about the Labour party are made about them as a whole and the leadership of that party, not individual members. When the Labour party owns up to what they’ve done, maybe the language will be tamed down. As with the Comrade bit, when you get people like Kent and the Labour party in Thurrock supporting people like Kiely, what would you really expect? Yes I do despise the Labour party and in my view for good reason.

  4. Peter Perrin   March 7, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    NoVoice I am sure you will agree with me our comments have nothing whatsoever to do with the article above unless you regard the importation of pets as uncontrolled “mass immigration” threatening the indigenous pets of this Country. So I will be as brief as I can in reply to your latest comments..
    You have obviously suffered a grevious “hurt” from the Labour Party which has caused deep resentment but, in my opinion it does not excuse the use of insulting language such as “scum bags”. Maybe as an 80 year old I am just old fashioned but I still regard politeness as a virtue.

  5. Peter Perrin   March 7, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    NoVoice I hope you whatched “Question Time” and heard Mr Ken Clarke espouse the Conservative view on immigration. The questioner asked “should Britain close it’s borders and say we’re full”? Mr Clarke replied “it would be percieved that Britain had taken leave of it’s senses if it closed it’s borders to further immigration”. It seems to me that Labour and Conservative are pursuing the same agenda on mass immigration. Instead of venting your spleen on the Labour Party it would be fairer to say a plague on both your Party’s.

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  7. NoVoice   March 8, 2013 at 7:51 am

    Mr Perrin I admit what I originally said was said to provoke. I don’t disagree with you on politeness but the Labour party have been much less than polite about the people of this country. In my view they have let the people of this country down tremendously, particularly the working class. In my view they are as elitist as the Tories. To a certain extent I would agree that no immigration into this country is complete nonsense. However it was the Labour party that introduced it on a scale never seen before. On the news yesterday they were talking about refugees leaving Syria. The numbers they were talking about are dwarfed by what the Labour party did to this country. They have now admitted what they did was wrong, but only tacitly and no apology for treating the people of this country as they did has been given. I wouldn’t vote Tory if they promised me a million pounds. I lived through Thatcher which is why I was a Labour supporter. But they are far worse and have done far worse than Thatcher ever did. They dropped the working class like a hot brick to gain power. It now appears they are about to drop the immigrants in very much the same manner in an attempt to gain power again. That is, to say the least, unprincipled. I will also say that I have never experienced imported pets from eastern europe before we had the madness of mass immigration.

  8. Bernard87   March 8, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Since 1977 there has only been one party who has put the needs of the working class at the forefront and that is the Conservative Party. It was Thatcher who opened up home ownership, opened up the city for the Essex barrow boys to make a fortune. It was Thatcher who told the working class they could aspire to so much more rather than remain stagnant under Labour. It was Major who opened up univerisities to working class children while boh former PMs retained grammar schools. I’ll admit that Cameron seems less interested in the working class but no more so than the current Labour shadow front bench.

    As for importing pets. NoVoice is right…this nonsense rarely happened before we had a Labour government for so long, who signed us up to everything the EU threw at it.

  9. John123   May 23, 2013 at 7:07 am

    I am sorry to burst the bubble on this article as it is full of mostly false information. I am one of those importing pets from Eastern Europe into the country and all of them are legal and to the letter as 99% of those that do the same. I am also a fully licensed transporter.

    All pets coming into the UK have to have the a microchip implanted, the rabies shot, the worm treatment and health check by a VET the day before the start of their journey. All documentation and proofs are checked at the border control at the port of entry. There is simply no way one can smuggle in more then one or two at the most dogs into the country without the border people noticing them and the penalties are pretty steep if caught.

    In my opinion the Eastern European dogs are also much healthier, because they grow up in a natural environment with the chickens and ducks thus building up a strong immune system at a young age making them more resistant to illnesses in the future and saving a lot of money on VET bills later on. Also Rabies shots are mandatory in all Eastern European countries for dogs, also Parvo and Combi shots just like in the UK. Chips implanted also mandatory in some of the Eastern European countries like Hungary for an example.

    They are also less likely to be related if it’s a pure bred, unlike in the UK where many of the pure bred dogs have some sort of relation as the result of the strict importation rules in the past.

    Another fact is that the people who import them aren’t in the business to cheat or scam would be British buyers as that clearly would destroy their business they have worked hard to start and continue.

    The smear campaign is mostly the result of pressure from British breeders and member organisations who suddenly realised double and sometimes triple digit losses due to Import dogs into the UK from Eastern Europe. Imagine the expensive and sickly English Bulldog the French Bulldog, Pug and some of the more expensive dogs that usually sells for up-words of 5-6 thousands pounds being available for half or less. Wouldn’t you as a breeder be upset and move everything to protect your profits?

    Import dogs also much much cheaper than UK bred dogs and becoming more and more popular among people who only want a nice friendly family pet. Why pay a £1,000 pounds for a dog when you can get the same that most likely be healthier for a lot less?

    Many of the smear campaigns are discounting the average Joe’s puppy is also not a nice thing to do. Saying only buy form reputable breeders and bluh-bluh-bluh.

    Total bull as we all know. Say, the next door neighbour who is a nice bloke and his pup has babies, is out of luck to sell them because his is only a friendly house pet and he is not a reputable breeder and his dog isn’t kennel registered either. Making his pup totally worthless according to the writer of this article and many who falsely touts such irresponsible statements.

    True, many Eastern Europeans appear to sell them alongside the road, but that isn’t the case. They are not !!

    The reason why it appears that way is because some or all of the dogs are already have buyers and the seller offers two options. One is they can meet somewhere to hand over the pup or the seller can go to the buyer’s address for extra mileage cost. Most buyers rather meet somewhere and only have their own fuel cost, than have the seller going to their home and paying extra mileage and labour cost.

    I would advise all would be pet buyers to put bias aside and take a look at some of those imported dogs. You’ll be surprised to see how friendly and beautiful they are and your valet will be jumping of joy to see all the money you save by buying an import dog.

    Nothing to do with politics, we all live on the same small planet and with computerisation, population increase comes less jobs, less food, less water, less air, less money and more migration, more pollution, more crime and more of the inevitable we all not looking forward to and can;t do anything against, but perhaps delay.

    Labour or conservative all the same. You can’t stop evolution. Might as well live with it and do the best you can. For the past 100 years we have been living the golden years and now it’s coming to the end. From now on it’ll only get worse. in about 25 years the planet will have 15-20 billions people, No jobs and hardly any food. We’ll all will live on rice or some manufactured cookies. Go find a job and forget politics.

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