Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Review: Thameside audience intrigued by the mystery of the Ripper murders

By Colin Wade

IF YOU look at the number of dates on Trevor Marriott’s UK tour, then you will realise how many people are still fascinated by these murders that took place in Victorian England.

Tonight at the Thameside Theatre, mystery, intrigue and murder were all on view with the arrival of a talk by Trevor Marriott ex murder squad detective on one of the most enigmatic subjects contiuing for 125 years; this being ‘The Whitechapel Murders’ carried out by the infamous ‘Jack the Ripper’.

Trevor spoke to a full theatre about the various victims, the foul deeds and the suspects, which was interlaced with humour and also a good measure of gore for the more faint hearted in the audience.

So who is Jack the Ripper you cry? We will never conclusively know who committed the deeds in Victorian London, but if, like me it was fun trying to listen to the evidence and guessing!


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