Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Thurrock Citizens Advice: Breakdown with Council

INITIALLY, this article was to publicise the new free phone number for Thurrock CAB.

It is now 0844 826 9689.
In a time of economic crisis it’s shocking to hear that the relationship between CAB and Thurrock Council are virtually at an all-time low.

As the YourThurrock reporter arrived at the CAB office, the queue of people seeking advice was going through the door and into the street.

It would seem that there has never been a more vital time for the CAB and Thurrock Council to work together and yet, according to the manager Mike Rawlings, relationships are at an all-time low.

With the damning Audit Commission report highlighting a fundamental breakdown in the relationship between members and officers, it would seem that other organisations all over the borough are facing similar difficulties.

What Mr Rawlings points to is an overbearing style of management and negotiation that has alienated many bodies and may have been part of the problems that have led to the Council being one of the worst performing Council in the country.

What is shocking is that, although the CAB have the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to deliver Housing Advice to the borough, according to Mr Rawlings, they have not been invited to Thurrock Council’s ‘Putting Tenants First’ meeting on March 27th at the Culver Centre, South Ockendon.

We also understand that Thurrock Council Corporate Director of Resources, Andrew Hardingham has resigned from the board of CAB.


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