Monday, March 4, 2024

Terry Hipsey: Not For Turning

BY ALL ACCOUNTS, the massed ranks of the Tory faithful had turned up to bury Caesar and then to praise him.

Then, Council Leader Terry Hipsey surprised everyone by declaring that Terry was not for turning and was about to take on the challenges of the Audit Commission head-on and move Thurrock on to a brighter future.

Is Cllr Hispey an example of a ‘Corporate Asbergers’ where sufferers – immune from external stimuli – plough on in their own world regardless? Or is he a noble example of a ‘Thurrock Man’ dedicated to give value for money to his people?

The Audit Commission pointed to the ‘fundamental breakdown between members and officers’.

Was Clllr Hispey’s public humiliation of Chief Exec Angie Ridgewell, Finance Director Andrew Hardingham and Director of Education Robert McCulloch-Graham part of the problem or part of the solution?

Then again, unlike Council Officers who can walk away with a financial settlement, why should the Leader of the Council, in the middle of a recession, be the fall-guy and walk away from over £40,000 in allowances.

It is, perhaps, ‘his’ economy, stupid.


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