Friday, May 24, 2024

BNP Emma Colgate: Kingmaker?

ONE of the arguments against proportional representation is that it can leave the balance of power – or the ‘king-maker’ scenario – in the hands of ‘extreme’ parties.

So, it’s quite a trick to do the same (possibly) with the first past the post system.

This could be the case if the motion put forward by the Labour Group for the leader to tender his resignation actually reaches the light of day next Wednesday (March 25th).

The ‘nightmare scenario’ for many would be that Tilbury Councillor Emma Colgate could wield the balance of power in the chamber.

There is speculation that all 22 Labour Councillors would be in attendance – but the same may not be the case for all 24 Conservative councillors.

Of course, a week is long time in politics. And, so it seems, sometimes is a day.


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