Saturday, September 30, 2023

No BNP/Tory Pact

THERE is definitely a sense of new frontier among the Tory faithful.

Leader Garry Hague has an unerring sense of finding the key phrases in political conversations.

Sometimes it is the soft skills that mark out a new regime. Last nights Cabinet meeting was not held in the sprawling council chamber but the more intimate and relaxed surroundings of a Committee Room.

Having said that, the officers have lost their perches and sit among the members of the public.

Leading from the backbench are Councillors Danny Nicklen and Eddie Hardiman who since the Corringham Car Parking charges seemed to have been imbued with a new confidence.

Yesterday (Wed April 15), we published our interview with Cllr Nicklen on his first year as a Councillor. Today, Cllrs Nicklen and Hardiman launch a vehement attack on accusations that the Tories struck a deal with the BNP in order to stay in power.

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