Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Introduction: Welcome to the Thurrockblogosphere

If this is the first time you have stumbled upon then welcome.

Over time, we hope to have a host of people blogging as well as uploading podcasts on a variety of subjects.

DJ’s Jimmy Lee and MJ MacIntosh will be uploading their music.

Undergraduate journalist Tanya Coutts, just back from Canada will be blogging every fortnight plus a host of others.

Sometimes blogs can be like ambient music, interesting in one moment and ignorable at another.

Speaking of ambient music. Godfather of Ambient Music, Brian Eno once recorded a session for John Peel.
John Peel played it. Next day, Brian Eno rang him.

He said: “Thanks for playing the session John. Just one thing, one tiny quibble.
“You played it backwards!”

…and nobody noticed.

That could be the case of out blogs.

Laechim Yesac.


  1. Loving it Michael, thought i’d sign up and test it all as a registered user for you. lol 🙂
    Kinda makes me wanna re-make the Killer Panda Films wordpress site now, get it out of its current boring shell and into something modern again. haha

  2. Wicked site YT team… just cant seem to post my podcast links?

    The AurorA team have a top summer lined up – and it all kicks off at club SS1 in southend on the 30th may… AurorA (The Definition Of House & Garage) presents “PARTY BY THE BEACH !!!!” ÂŁ5 all night + we have an awesome dj line up + MC’s + Live PAs… this summers going to be HOT!!!



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