Introduction: Welcome to the Thurrockblogosphere

If this is the first time you have stumbled upon then welcome.

Over time, we hope to have a host of people blogging as well as uploading podcasts on a variety of subjects.

DJ’s Jimmy Lee and MJ MacIntosh will be uploading their music.

Undergraduate journalist Tanya Coutts, just back from Canada will be blogging every fortnight plus a host of others.

Sometimes blogs can be like ambient music, interesting in one moment and ignorable at another.

Speaking of ambient music. Godfather of Ambient Music, Brian Eno once recorded a session for John Peel.
John Peel played it. Next day, Brian Eno rang him.

He said: “Thanks for playing the session John. Just one thing, one tiny quibble.
“You played it backwards!”

…and nobody noticed.

That could be the case of out blogs.

Laechim Yesac.

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