Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thurrock Gurkhas

Campaigners have reacted with anger to new rules on the eligibility of Gurkha veterans to live in the UK.

The Home Office said that new rules would allow about 4,300 more to settle, but the Gurkha Justice Campaign said it would be just 100.

The criteria for eligibility is:
Three years continuous residence in the UK during or after service
Close family in the UK
A bravery award of level one to three
Service of 20 years or more in the Gurkha brigade
Chronic or long-term medical condition caused or aggravated by service
Gurkhas who retired before 1997 must meet at least one of these conditions

YourThurrock will be gauging the reaction of Thurrock’s Gurkha’s and local MP, Andrew Mackinlay. In the meantine, we return to a film from September where we interviewed members of the 300-strong Thurrock Nepalese community.

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