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Dep Leader Amanda

Last night (Monday) Cllr Amanda Arnold was elected Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council. The Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care now forms a team with new Leader Garry Hague that will aim to steer the party away from the Terry Hipsey defection and towards the 2010 elections.

We will be interviewing Cllr Arnold after Full Council tomorrow night.

Cllr Amanda Arnold was a keynote speaker at the Stroke Awareness Day organised by Thurrock Council. We took the opportunity to discuss a variety of health related issues with Cllr Arnold.

Yesterday, we ran the article that runs at the bottom of this piece.

Cllr Arnold was clearly delighted at the promotion. She said: “I feel very privileged to be Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council, especially at this exciting time.

“The title may be different, and the brief a bit wider, but the job is the same – working with officers to provide excellent services for the residents of Thurrock, and promoting what we do across the region.

“I would like to thank everyone in the group who supported me, and I’m looking forward to working with Garry and the team to help take Thurrock Council forward.”

Leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr Hague said: “I am confident that the combined experience Amanda and I bring to the leadership of Thurrock Council will drive forward the improvement plans we already have in place, working with the talented team of senior officers we have to create the top quality, value-for-money authority our residents deserve.”

Article from Monday in YourThurrock.Com

We thought we would take this opportunity to discuss the Deputy Leadership contest.

YourThurrock understands that Ockendon Councillor and Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care, Amanda Arnold will be “allowing her name to be put forward” at an election tonight for Deputy Leader of the Thurrock Conservative Group.

Amanda has come a long way since she was encouraged by former Tilbury Cllr, Val Liddiard, as one of a number of women in the borough to become involved in politics.

Since 2004, mother of three, Amanda, has become one of the shining lights in Thurrock politics.
YourThurrock reporters enjoy interviewing Cllr Arnold because she gives as good as she gets and fires the ball straight back often leaving the hapless journo saying: “Good point, well made”

If the Thurrock Tory Group have any sense then they will vote for Amanda as Dept Leader tonight. Amanda is a gifted speaker in the chamber and has been dedicated to the difficult Portfolio of Adult Social Care.

The Ghosts of Meetings past may come back to haunt some candidates in 2009. Cllr Arnold has managed to rise above much of the internecine strife. Value you her Tories or “The Prince” may come calling again.

Having said that, a hard working, able and personable Tunde Ojetola would be terribly disappointed. Always available, not only to the press but to a whole spectrum of organisations that he in involved with, represents or is simply interested in as he believes in community, believes in duty and believes in Thurrock. As before, Tunde is never one to switch off his phone or be unavailable for months on end. Perhaps, good old fashioned duty deserves to be rewarded.

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