Thursday, June 20, 2024

Model Brownies

Thurrock’s Model Aircraft Club visited the Brownie’s at Victoria Avenue in Stifford Clays to show them how to put the wings of a craft together.

The Brownies, as you can see from the film, loved it, as did the parents.

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  1. Dear Your Thurrock – thankyou for making this film about Thurrock Model Flying Club’s Flight Challenge with 4th Little Thurrock Brownies. And thanks to the parents who came along to help. Later that evening we had a mass launch of the models and it was great fun for all concerned. You can find out more about our club at our website www There is also another film on Youtube about our club showing the first flight of a model built by Vice Chairman Barry – go to youtube and type in b wise aviation. We meet most weekends between 11am and 2pm on our flying field near Aveley – if there are cars parked on the side of the bypass by the footbridge please come and talk to us.
    Best Wishes – TMFC
    PS – everybody knows the first man in space – but do you know the name of the first woman in space?- just ask a 4th Little Thurrock Brownie!

  2. mark, the website doesnt seem to work with my browser (firefox & safari)… not sure if ya need any help with it – let me know if ya do!

    Here’s some club history for ya – a Jackson’s perspective>>>>

    The model club has a rich history in thurrock and has been located on various playing fields within the borough over the past 30 years;

    The late ’70s baker st orsett. i was about 4 years old when my dad (bill jackson) took me over to see the planes fly one sunday morning. The new A13 was in construction and the club explained that once the raod had been built the club could no longer meet here due to the safety issues / proximity to the new A13.

    As a boy my dad would fly those kiel craft free flight models over central park in dagenham.. radio control was very expensive in those days and was only one or two channels!!!

    So taking me over to see the planes fly may have been an excuse to mum, so he could get back into it again, but this time be able to fly the plane again and again without it flying off into the sun set.. as it would be radio controlled!

    The early ’80s tmc had virtually disbanded due tot he new A13… St Chads playing field – Tilbury was the next place to fly. By this time my dad had been taught to fly, mainly at Baker St, and had two models… one powered and one a glider! I recall flying the glider (phoenix) over orsett heath when i was about 5! The problem with St Chads field was the football teams would also meet on a sunday morning – not the safest of moves… The club remained here for a good few years and in the summer we could fly after school and have no worries about the football!

    However, the quest was still on for a new flying field that we could call our home – membership had gone from a handful to over twenty…

    Belhus from mid ’80s. Since construction of the m25 a section of lad had been offered to the club to fly on… on paper it looked very good, no football, no motor bikes whizzing past… looked too good to be true! It was… the m25 was just as close to us as the A13 would have been if we were at Baker St!!! But the field next to this section of land looked perfect – it was agreed and we relocated!

    While belhus has been home to tmc for a good few years now, this hasn’t been without problems.. I recall one time being evicted by the council due to the local residents complaining about noise – which i’m sure sill goes on today! While the dispute was being investigated we flew on a remote farmers field at the back of orsett golf course… no noise complaints here! Any how the farmer put the rent up, the noise dispute had been agreed, so we moved back to Belhus… gutted because that field was perfect…

    Each model now had to be fitted with a special silencer and propeller, be tested for noise regulations stipulated by the council or we would face eviction AGAIN!!! I dont think the council liked us very much?

    Hence why many people now fly electric powered models today… the noise regulations have got to such a point where it seems hardly worth the bother of owning an IC powered plane… although i do miss the smell of burnt caster oil / glow fuel!

    Long live the TMC!
    My mini titan helicopter on you tube>
    My dad’s F22 Raptor on you tube >



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