Friday, December 8, 2023

BNP Euro Launch

LOCAL protest groups and anti-racism organisations have expressed their outrage at Thurrock Council allowing the BNP to use the Thameside Theatre as the headquarters for the launch of their European Campaign.

The launch in front of the UK media including the BBC took place next door to the offices of the anti-racism organisation TRUST.

The Thameside Theatre has also been host recently to the Holocaust Memorial Service and Black History Month.

In this particular segment, YourThurrock spoke to BNP candidate Emma Colgate about her candidacy for the Euro elections.

A source close to YourThurrock has revealed that the true influence of Ms Colgate and the BNP within Thurrock Council will be revealed before the June 4th Elections.

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  1. Super professional presentation, , shows thurrock that Tilbury councillor Emma Colgate is a very good councillor, clever and professional who has attended every council meeting to represent her constituents, this blows out the window the Searchlight / UAF thugs claims that the BNP, it’s personnel and councillors don’t attend anything because they are lazy useless amateurs, Don’t think their warped agenda can twist or spin this into lies to suit their own advantage even though I bet they try.

    Leave the BNP alone all you communists, let the electorate fairly hear the polices from all parties and then they can make up their own minds on a fair level playing field instead of lies and smears because this is what voters are fed up with.


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